About Us

We are Waless, a water-less solutions to all your car-care needs

Why water-less?

Water constitutes about 71% of our planet. This may have a lot of people thinking, “Well, it is never going to run out!” but sadly, they are wrong. Although it is in abundance, water is a scarce resource because a humongous 97% of the H2O we have is saltwater which has limited or no use. All in all, humans only has about 2.5% of fresh water on its disposal, which it not only needs to consume itself but save for future generations as well. What is even more disturbing is that even the simplest of our daily life chores, such as washing the car, consumes about 100 gallons of water during a 10-minute wash with a standard garden hose.

Waless Group of Companies

Waless Group of Companies was formed with the aim to contribute positively towards this environmental dilemma by offering sustainable car-wash and auto-detailing services. The group has its origins in Ras-al-Khaimah, UAE. This region is notorious for its scorching temperatures and desert terrain and is therefore an area where water is indeed scarce, and its sustainable usage even more significant in value.

Our corporate group

The corporate group comprises of three companies namely; Waless Car Care Services, Waless Trading and Waless 180-Degree Coffee Shop. The Waless group not only provides services like high-end auto detailing such as Waterless Car Wash, Car Wax, auto polish and ceramic, high-end interior cleaning and window tinting by experienced professionals, it also trades high quality products to businesses across GCC. The latest addition is a one-of-its-kind coffee shop inside the car-care showrooms so that you can enjoy a freshly-brewed cup while your car is being taken care of!


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